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To inspire great companies to think differently and achieve new growth.



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To help develop and inspire companies to think truly differently to tell their story or value in a way that changes their industry and connects to a broader audience. By helping brands step away from industry norms, they can chart their independent path fostering a new era of development growth and productivity while sharing their inspiring message and value in a way that drives people to have an emotional connection with its company and products.

We make sure that your brand is heard by the world, leaving the competition feeling like it’s drowning and unable to escape your brand. Contact Flood The Block to find out how we are the perfect Digital Marketing and Website Development team for your company.

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digital marketing

We are focused on helping our clients develop new clientele and lines of revenue. From new startups to establish businesses We are the go-to firm to develop communities that convert into greater and new revenue. Working out of Toronto and Ottawa, Canada, we are focused on analytics and data to identify industry norms for us to inspire clients to think differently about their industry. Charting one’s path that is unique creates and offers more value within your industry and the greater community, and establishes better brand awareness. The great companies that we work with all have a desire to help spread their value by developing connections to their clients. By modernizing the thought process of companies, they become more able to adapt and innovate; we are selective in whom we work with because we like to win.




search engine optimization

Technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO (search engine optimization) need to complement traditional marketing strategies. Technical SEO is 90% ranking well; for your on-page and off-page SEO strategies to be successful, the technical side of search engine optimization must be correct. Technical search engine optimization quite simply is the framework of your website (code). On-page SEO is the language structure to deliver a compelling and clear message for both the consumer and the algorithms (home page, blog, etc.). Off-page refers to linking external content to the correct information or content on your website (guests’ posts, newspaper articles, etc.).

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Website Development

We are focussed on helping our clients develop new lines of revenue. Flood The Block website development focuses on user experience and enhancement conversions: we communicate to understand what the user is looking for and trying to do, and facilitate that in the most seamless manner.

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Sometimes you can’t say what needs to be said. Flood The Block is here to say it for you and build a community to support you.

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